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I Got A Cat For My Sick And Grumpy Grandpa and He…

by Emma
in Blog

I Got A Cat For My Sick And Grumpy Grandpa, and He Turned His Life Around!

Before this old man met this ginger cat, his world was grim and sad. The 94-year-old grandpa's health was declining and the family hadn't seen a smile from him in a long time. One day, the ginger cat walked into his world and turned his life around.

Meet Jiji the grandpa and Kinako the cat!

Akiko DuPont

Jiji never skipped a day of work for 64 years until in 2009 he suddenly fell ill and was sent to the hospital.

"The doctor said he was sick. The once outgoing man gradually lost his interest in life and became grumpier than ever. It was around that time that I brought Kinako to live with us," Akiko DuPont, granddaughter said via Boredpanda.

The little ginger feline was able to sense grandpa's pain and offered some purrs and snuggles. It was then he brought sunshine back into grandpa's life.

Akiko DuPont

Kinako was a bit shy when he first came to the family, but somehow he chose grandpa and would follow him around.

"An extraordinary friendship gradually grew between the two. Who would have thought that a timid kitten would befriend a grumpy old man!"

Akiko DuPont

The ginger boy plays with grandpa and brings him so much joy.

Kinako helps grandpa get back on his feet and gives him a purpose and companionship.

Akiko DuPont

He kept him company and would curl up in his lap to give him comfort and help him heal with his purr power.

Akiko DuPont

He became grandpa's little guardian angel, watching over him every step of the way.

Akiko DuPont

Akiko has been documenting their friendship through her lenses. The bond they share is truly amazing.

"The border between human and animal melts away, just as shy Kinako melted Jiji's heart."

Akiko DuPont

Nap buddies!

Akiko DuPont

Kinako is grandpa's little angel.

"I got a cat for my sick and grumpy grandpa, and he turned his life around," Akiko said.

Akiko DuPont

Source: www.lovemeow.com

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  • Freda Sallee
    March 20, 2023

    An uplifting story. Very touching and heart warming.

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